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K (per year)
This is automatic calculation script according to THE VON BERTALANFFY GROWTH EQUATION. This equation calculates the length in cm at a given age of an average fish of the stock in question can now be calculated by inserting a value for T, the age, e.g. T = 2 years.
The equation formula is: L = Ly*[1-exp(-K*(T-t0))] where:
L — the estimated length of fish (in cm);
Ly (L-infinity) — is the asymptotic length at which growth is zero;
K — is the growth rate;
T — the age of fish, when you want to estimate the length;
t0 — is included to adjust the equation for the initial size of the organism and is defined as age at which the organisms would have had zero size.
All you need is to input necessary data for calculation.
After inserting all data, click «calculate» button. To refresh data click «refresh» button.
Author of script is Dmitry Safarov FinDimension . Licence: MIT.
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